Started 2000 in Jamaica
Now located in Mexico, continuing making original beats.

Specializing in:
Jingles, Beats, Instrumentals, Remixes, Vocal and Musical Arrangements, Sound tracks, Mixing and Mastering

Pro Tools HD, Cubase, Studio One, Logic Pro

Reggae, Reggaeton, Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, House and more.

Available to work in person or remote


MouriceProduction was started in 2000 by composer and producer Morris Porter. Morris has a long
history of writing, performing and producing music, which began when he was just a young man, in his
home country, Jamaica.

His first group, called The True Believers Ministries, which includes Arlene Campbell and Ninja Diamond
signed with Junie Star, from Prime Time Entertainment as their booking agent. They recorded their first
CD called "God is Love" with ten songs in Tuff Gong, commonly known as The Bob Marley Studio, in
Kingston, Jamaica.

By 2005, Morris was already known as an accomplished bass and keyboard player and performed with
many different groups and artists on some of the major stages across Jamaica. Performing on Summer
Hype, East Fest, St. Thomas Yam Festivals, White River Bash, Bob Marley Fest, Center Stage, J.C.D.C.
Fest, Yallas Jerk Fest, Hotel Grand, Knuts Ford Hotel, Courtley´s Hotel, Negril Inn, Roots Bash, Club
Irresistible, Reggae on the Beach, Versales Hotel Reggae Jam Jam, Jazz Fest St. Thomas, West Kingston
Jamboree, Charity Shows and sharing the stages with Junior Reid known as Junior One Blood, Carl
Dawkings, Carl Dawkins Junior, Franky Paul, Ernest Wilson, Paul Elliot, Limie Murray, Israel Vibration,
Gregory Isaack’s, Worrier King, Fantan Mojah, Zebulon, Sugar Minot, Joan Flemings, Sis. Skully, Sis
Althea Nunez, Godie Godie, Sis. Carol, Lisa Grant and more.
In 2007 Mourice got called again but this time by more than one group., the choices were Africa,
Granada, United States and Mexico but he chose Mexico with Alphonso Walker (Rhythm Crew)., the
plan was to tour Mexico then go back to Jamaica. however, he got the chance to exercise his experience
when he came across Lance Brown - founders of B4Muzik Records S.A. de C.V. also Manager of the Black
Star Band and colleague of Ernest Rangling. The same year he met David Bailey - founder of Jamex
Reggae Band, technician of B4 and Technician for Dub Tonic.
By 2008 “Mourice” started working with B4Muzik as Engineer where gained more experience around
David, “Jaffo”, Mardon and Lance recording in the studio but still never quit performing all over Mexico
doing top festivals, Radio/TV interviews and shows in:
Veracruz – Cosamaloapan Carnaval, Cosamaloapan, Festival, Xalapa Carnaval
Playa del Carmen – Coco Maya, Roots and Fire, Hotel Fusion, Jungle Fest, El Zion Bar
Cancún – Capuchino Bar, La Barra, Señor Frogs,
Acapulco – Reggae Camp
México City – Hard Rock Live, Festival Extremo, Movement of Jah People Fest, College Dance Night, Kaya
Bar, Pata Negra, Cultural Roots, Kings Pub, Bulbo, Tarara, Casa Rasta, El Ghetto, Festival Olinkan,
Vibraciones de Las Américas
Guadalajara – Festival de Cultura
Puerto Vallarta – Jazz Fest, Jazz Fundación, Cuates y Cuetes, Ritmos, Oasis de Holi, Red Neck Sombrero,
Bebo Tero,

Nayarit – Hotel Agua Sol, Sunshine Bar, Hotel Four Season
Tulum – Reggae Bash, Reggae by Tulum
Morelos - Festival Olinkan, Reggae Camp, Reggae Camp Xococotla
Morelia – Reggae Fest
Estado México – Échate Dread Festival, Roots Time, Vibraciones de Las Américas
Puebla – Hermandad Reggae, Reggae Cultural
Oaxaca – Festival Reggae, Bull Ranch Tuxtepec Reggae Fest
Tijuana – Reggae on the Beach Fest,
Toluca – Jamrock Fest, Festival Cultural, Festival xchimico,
San Luis Potosi – Jamrock Fest
Monterrey – Bob Marley Tribute Fest
Sinaloa – Reggae Jamming,
Michoacán – Choco Stars
San Diego – Reggae on the Beach
Texas – Bob Marley Tribute Fest
He also being playing for almost every reggae artist that comes from Jamaica, Chille, Argentina, Spain,
France, Haiti etc. That’s when he came across working with Junior Kelly, Max Romeo, Brinsley Ford,
Nano Bravo, Fidel Nadal, U-Roy, Antony Paz, Maurice Englishman, King Marathon, Nimrod and Krucial,
Rass Battick, Micky Dread, Rass Markus, Abatcie, Jah Fabio, Valdiriz, Antidoping, Maxi Vargas and many
By 2011 Morris was already speaking Spanish and getting more involved in Latin America´s music world,
got promoted as Production Manager at B4Muzik, Promoter for the Jamrock Fest in Mexico, during this
time he also became Manager for Nimrod Krucial Band, Black Star Band and booking agent for Mexican

These are some on the albums Morris participated in recording, mixing, composing and production
during his time with B4Muzik Records:
Wolf Gang who changed their name to Mexican Juligans – Perdo mua but I love the f*cking ambient!
Mr. Boss – I don’t give a fog (Album)
Nimrod – Cloud (Album)
Black Star Band - Tributu a la Musica Latina (Album)
Black Star Band – El Juego del Amor (Album)

Somos Uno Sound System – Babylon Say (Album)
Rass Cocoman – Muñaca Rasta (Album)
Jessana – Me Duele (Single)
Shacka Black JN – Shack it (Album)
King Marathon - (Album)
Kugaman – Mission (Album)
Prince Lummumba - Doctor (Album)
Real Chicano “El Gusano” (Single)
Jah Zaka Leona Etiopia (Album not finished)
Dana Kennedy (Album)
Jah Highsient – More Money we want (Single)
Abdel Bennie (LP not finished)
While working with B4 Morris got invited to work on three Albums with Geminis Musical in Polanco who
was affiliated with Universal and Sony Music, he recorded a with Sabastian - Voice Mixing and
Mastering, Sabrina – Voices and Mixing one year later they called him back to record Novatos del Sur –
Voices, Mixing and Mastering.
In 2013 Morris Porter then thought that it was now time to move on with his career, so he left B4Muzik
and continued on his journey gave rebirth to MouriceProduction composing beats in the reggae genre
but still makes rhythms for the company when needed only his production was now independent. He
advanced a lot from a Musician to an entrepreneur in the music industries expanding to recording
Voices, Mixing and Mastering in all music genre.

CD Albums Accomplished from 2013 to 2016
1. Dub is Love Vol. 1 and 2
2. Motivation Vol. #1 (Varios Artists):
Alex McCue - New Mexico
Cocoman - Cuba
King Marathon - Jamaica
Carl Balliston - Jamaica
Don Snow - Jamaica
Ice Bagdad - Jamaica
Eltonman Leones Negros - Mexico

Amanda Kay – Australia
3. Valley on the run – Vava Los Chuyz - Texas
4. Ska Train – Carl Balliston - Jamaica
5. Re-Encarnation – Mapache - Jamaica
6. New dimension Riddims Vol. #1 – Morris Porter - Jamaica
7. New dimension Riddims Vol. #2 – Morris Porter - Jamaica
8. New dimension Riddims Vol. #3 – Morris Porter - Jamaica
9. Signs of the times – Glen Williams
10. So good – Mapache
11. Trample The Devil – Adrian Wilson
12. Blood and Tears – Tevaldez

Morris Carlington Porter known as Mapache, Mourice or MP Raccoon founder of MouriceProduction a
independent beat making Production.
Music is the road and we are Moses! Music, the international language.

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