Mexico City

HOLA! this is Diego Velázquez, architect graduate from UNAM, currently working as an VIZArch Architect and Designer at PRODUCTORA [], I have also worked as an expert Parametric Architecture designer at Fernando Romero EnterprisE []

I believe in the experience of automated processes for design as a proper design tool in sequel of the contemporary systems and technologies, it is not only necessary to adapt our design for proper use and needs response, as a designer my concern is that our product receptor feels comfortable living adaptative experiences, spaces shouldn't be adapted only by the designer himself, but also by the client, for their needs, their likes, their experiences...

Human beings have targeted their own goals to adapt technologies for a proper modern living, and for me, it is important to also adapt ourselves to them, without the need of economical and/or process definition limitations, we have the tools in our environment for reach, let's just learn how to extend our hands to them...

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